AT-2 (Gallon)

ATTL Products, Inc. is a chemical manufacturing plant located in Thomasville, NC. Our company history can be traced back to the 1890’s. The Sherman and Allen Soap Co. was established in the mid 1890’s to manufacture soap for industrial applications. Much of the production of the company went to the silk and lace textile business located in New England. In the 1930’s a distribution warehouse was set up in Thomasville, NC to service the southern textile business. At this time the company name was changed to Grestco Manufacturing, Inc. In the 1950’s a manufacturing plant was built in Thomasville, NC to manufacture textile processing chemicals and all operation in New York and New England were stopped other than sales. Also during this time period Grestco Manufacturing, Inc. merged with the DePaul Chemical Co.

In the 1970’s the grandsons of the founders of both the DePaul Chemical Co. and Grestco Manufacturing, Inc. took control of the company. At this time the name was shortened to Gresco Manufacturing, Inc. In 1998 the parent company of ATTL Products, Inc. purchased controlling interest in Gresco Manufacturing, Inc. and ATTL Products, Inc. was moved to the Gresco Manufacturing, Inc. site.

Today we manufacture a full line of textile processing chemicals, a line of defoamers for industrial applications, a line of motorcycle care products, a line of specialty flame retardants, and the TRACK TAC® Tire Treatments.

We have equipment capacity to produce up to 1.1 million pounds of liquid chemicals per month. We ship production quantities in 6000 gallon truck tanks, 270 gallon totes, 55 gallon drums, 30 gallon drums, 5 gallon pails, gallon cans and bottles, and quart cans and bottles. We have bottling capacity to produce 1,000 cases of gallon or quart quantities per month. We have a formulation and development laboratory, a quality control laboratory, and an analytical laboratory.

The TRACK TAC© Tire Treatments products have been in development and now production since mid-2005. We currently have 17 products commercially available, 2 products in various stages of development and 2 patents.

Below you can download the Trac Tac Brochure and/or FAQ (PDF), which will answer most general questions about our products. Alternatively, you can reach out via our contact form here.


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