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    RC AGGRESSIVE is designed for low grip surfaces with moisture. This product is designed to give the most traction and softening when needed. AGGRESSIVE is a softener but will not eat away at the foams as bad as others on the market. AGGRESSIVE is intended for greasy, wet and slick surfaces. AGGRESSIVE can be applied…



    RC LITE is designed for super high grip surfaces. This product is designed to make the tires bite from the start and fade as the natural bite of the tire takes over. LITE works well on a softer compound “spec” tire as a firing treatment as well as your harder compound tires for high bite…



    RC MEDIUM is intented for medium to high grip surfaces. The MEDIUM adds a good amount of grip in the tire and is made to stay with the tire longer in a run without giving up. MEDIUM will not soften the tire it is just intended to add grip. This product works well on harder…