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Track Tac® Rough Cut Diamond
Always clean tires using Track Tac® Blue Tire Wash with DRT

Track Tac® Rough Cut Diamond will drop the hardness of the tire when cold, between 0 to 5 points, depending on the number of coats applied. Average – ~2 points

DIRECTIONS – as a conditioner for a Saturday Race:

Monday night before the race, using a foaming spray bottle, paint roller, sponge or some other method completely cover the tread of each tire with 3 or more coats of Track Tac® Diamond. Just don’t overuse it.

Allow each coat to dry before applying the next coat – about 10 to 20 minutes.

Tuesday night before the race, repeat what was done on Monday night.

Wrapping the tires is optional.

The procedure can be repeated on Wednesday night for tires if needed.

Track Tac® Rough Cut Diamond will last for a full night of racing and increase the life of the tire.

Track Tac® Rough Cut Diamond works on natural or synthetic rubber.

Do not use any tire treatment  near an open flame – DANGER!!!

Tires may be rolled on the outside on a tire roller for a different effect. There will be less bite in most cases no matter what conditioner is used.

Track Tac® Rough Cut Diamond can be used as a track side wipe that dries very quickly. There is no need to cut the Diamond unless you’re wanting to reduce the strength.

Track Tac® Rough Cut Diamond is ideally suited for medium bite tracks, as well as tracks with loose dirt on top.

Track Tac® Rough Cut Diamond has preformed extremely  well on tracks like the Daytona Flat Track, Lasoski Speedway, loose tracks in the Gulf States, loose tracks in the North East  and on damp tracks in the south east.

This has been used as a conditioner and as a Pre Race Wipe.

As a Pre Race Wipe use: Track Tac® PRW-Orange with DRT, Track Tac® PRW-Sapphire with DRT, Track Tac® Black Sand, Track Tac® Rough Cut Diamond or Track Tac® Topaz between heats, if possible.

DRT™ => Dirt Repelling Technology,  PRW™ => Pre Race Wipe

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