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Pink Ruby (Size: Qt)

Pink Ruby (Size: Qt)
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Track Tac® Pink Ruby

Always clean tires using Track Tac® Blue Tire Wash with DRT

• Track Tac® Pink Ruby will drop the hardness of the tire when cold, between 0 to 7 points, depending on the number of coats applied. Average - ~4 points

DIRECTIONS - external:

For use as a mild conditioner from the outside.

Monday night before the race using a foaming spray bottle, paint roller, sponge or some other method to completely cover the tread of each tire with 3 or more coats of Track Tac® Pink Ruby. Just don’t overuse it. Be sure it is not runny or drippy.

• Track Tac® Pink Ruby will last for a full night of racing and increase the life of the tire.

• Track Tac® Pink Ruby works on natural or synthetic latex rubber.

• Track Tac® Pink Ruby is also an excellent pre race wipe when milder treatment is needed. It can also be mixed with other stronger products to mitigate aggressiveness..

DIRECTIONS - internal:

For use as a mild conditioner from the inside.

From 1 to 4 ounces may be rolled inside the tires for very mild conditioning. Curing will harden only as the solvent, used as a transport for the active ingredients, evaporates.

Do not use near an open flame - DANGER!!! This is true for all tire treatments or “preps” no matter who makes it or sells it.

Tires may be rolled on the outside on a tire roller for a different effect. There will be less bite if rolled, in most cases, no matter what conditioner is used.

Track Tac® Pink Ruby works well on a medium to high bite track. The more coats of Track Tac® Pink Ruby applied, the more there will be an increase in bite. It is perfect for the tracks that require a lot of chemical because the Track Tac® Pink Ruby will not gloss and glaze the tire over.

Better than HL 2, AT-2, and other Pink Preps

This not a copy of any competitive product and not just a diluted competitive product as most “pinks” are.

Track Tac® Pink Ruby is a fast drying, high performance tire treatment with many uses.

As a Pre Race Wipe use:Track Tac® Pink Ruby, Track Tac® PRW-Orange with DRT, Track Tac® PRW-Sapphire with DRT, Track Tac® Black Sand, Track Tac® Rough Cut Diamond or Track Tac® Topaz between heats, if possible.

DRT™ => Dirt Repelling Technology     PRW™ => Pre Race Wipe

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