We try very hard to accommodate customers and to make it easy to do business with us. We try to make it easy to understand how to use our products and what to expect from each product. We try to make everything perfectly clear so you understand what we offer, how to place an order, how we ship, how to take delivery, and how to pay your bill.

As an unwavering part of our policy, we do not provide open accounts to our customers. Please do not ask. A method of payment is expected by the time we are ready to ship.

Payments are accepted in the form of cash, certified check, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We do not offer open accounts. ALL orders must be covered by an accepted method of payment before shipment is made, or at the time of pick up or personal delivery.
Some tire orders may require pre-payment of 50% or more when custom work is involved or when multiple sets of tires are being prepared for a single order.

Please, do not ask to be billed later, or expect to take delivery of anything without making payment prior to shipment. We appreciate your understanding.

Shipping and Handling
Your order will be sent to you as soon as it is completed. Tire Treatment orders will usually ship the same day if received by 1:00 PM Eastern Time or within 24 hours on other tire treatment orders. If there is an issue preventing shipment for any length of time at all, we will contact the person placing the order directly. We will also post an announcement on this site if there is an uncontrollable delay for more than 24 hours.

All tire treatment orders will SHIP BY GROUND ONLY, as most orders must be shipped by ground. We ship by UPS Ground and Common Carrier. We have discounts in place with many truck lines. If it is a delivery to a business address and it is more economical, we will ship by truck. This is our preferred method of shipment. Shipping prices will be determined at the time the order is ready to be shipped. Freight charges will be added to your total and billed to you. The customer is always responsible for shipping charges unless otherwise noted.

Trademarks, Copyrights, Branding and Patents
Track Tac® takes intellectual property issues very seriously. Brand recognition and competitive advantages take years to develop and are difficult to attain. When a brand is associated with high quality products and services, the brand holds value. We will make every effort to increase the brand value of Track Tac® and ATTL Products, Inc. We will also make every effort to protect our brands. All of the tire treatments that we produce are covered by United States patents. Any attempt to infringe, re-sell, duplicate, re-blend, or otherwise misrepresent these patented products will result in legal action being taken. This will be against all the parties involved.

We have multiple patents pending. It is you and/or your company’s responsibility to know if you and/or your company is infringing on any patent.

The information and original content of this web site is copyrighted. Because it is provided for your personal use, we expect racers to print from the web site. However, information contained on this site MUST NOT BE REPRINTED FOR COMMERCIAL USE, without the written permission of ATTL Products, Inc.

Returns and Warranty
Since most of our products are done specifically for the customer who ordered them, returns are not typically permitted. In some cases, we may accept returned items for exchange or refund. However, returned items must be in completely new condition, unless you have approval prior to shipping them back to us. In most cases, a 20% return fee will be applied. Customers are responsible for return shipping charges.

If an error has occurred on our part, we will pay for the return shipping — as long as we find the problem as it was described to us. We always stand behind our products and services, and if a quality defect occurs, we will correct the situation to the best of our ability.

Please inform us within 10 days of receiving any item, if a problem exists. No items will ever be accepted for return once they have been used. Your sole remedy is limited to repair, replacement or refund. The purchase of any product offered is your acceptance that:

  1. You agree that any action will be settled by mediation or arbitration as set out in existing Federal, State or Local law.
  2. This is your sole remedy and is limited to the retail value of the product used.
  3. NOTICE: NO warranty applies to any item beyond that provided by the manufacturer. Being products or services intended for competition, most manufacturers do not offer warranties. ATTL Products, Inc. IS NOT LIABLE for the safety of any product we sell beyond following government guidelines. It is the end-user’s responsibility to determine the fitness for use and safety of all racing equipment and products, before using them. We ARE NOT LIABLE for any injury, or in rare cases death, resulting from the use of products we sell. While we attempt to make everything we sell as safe as possible, racing and other forms of motorsports are dangerous activities, and accidents can happen. Determine the safety risks for yourself before handling or installing our products, and before using or racing with them.

Intent of Use
All products packaged, produced and/or sold by ATTL Products, Inc. are strictly intended for closed-course off-road competition. These competitions must be operated under the guidance of an accredited sanctioning body. The use of these products on public roadways and/or use for non-sanctioned competition are considered violations of said products’ Intent of Use.